Why food and tech need to better connect

Our take: Food-tech has proven its growing role in the industry, while early investment is serving to sift out quality ideas from the chaff... | -------

That U.S. subscription meal-kit company Chef'd, which counted among its financial backers Campbell Soup Co. and Smithfield Foods, abruptly went out of business is a reminder that food-tech is by no means a sure bet.

Last month, I participated in the 5th annual Food IT conference at the Mission Bay campus of the University of California San Francisco, a high-tech campus set among green lawns and trees in one of San Francisco's newest and most "up-and-coming" neighborhoods.

The campus' physical setting, high-tech buildings and labs (the campus' focus is on science, medicine and related technologies) mixed with bucolic landscaping, served as a good metaphor for the conference, which had as its mission the connecting of the people and industries feeding the world – farmers and the food industry – with the people and industries – Silicon Valley – that are changing the world through innovation in information technology.

Rob Trice, a partner in The Mixing Bowl, the Silicon Valley-based group that hosts the conference and connects innovators in IT with the food and agriculture industries, told me increasing communication and connections between...

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