Why Zazie Beetz Wears Her Natural Hair While Playing Domino In Deadpool 2

The Domino of Deadpool 2 will look very different from the Domino in the comics. Ever since the casting process began for the (soon-to-be) blockbuster sequel, we've known that the production was open to casting an actress who didn't fit the look of the character from the printed page.

Traditionally, Domino appears as a straight-haired, light-skinned woman, who, while possibly not actually Caucasian, can certainly pass for that if she so chooses.

Deadpool 2 was rumored to have looked at a variety of actresses for the part, including Kerry Washington, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Janelle Monae, so, when Atlanta's Zazie Beetz won the role, it was hardly a shock.

But, we never really had a hint that the movie would let Beetz show off her voluminous Afro in the film, and she's said that the decision to let her curly locks fly was actually not a difficult one: It's always a conversation. First and foremost I have to honor the character and the story.

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