Clued up, not glued – using lubricants to enhance corrugator performance

Demand for corrugated packaging is projected to increase by an average of more than four percent every year through 2023. However, margins remain under pressure and as a result it is more important than ever for corrugators to optimise all aspects of their plant’s operation.

One element that plays a significant role in this process, but which is often overlooked, is lubricant selection.

Choosing high performance oils and greases can provide important operational advantages, according to Inken Reuser, EAME Offer Advisor at ExxonMobil.

Absolutely. Applying the most suitable oils and greases can help to:

  • Reduce a plant’s energy bills
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Protect equipment and extend life
  • Minimise unexpected downtime and extend service periods
  • Reduce potential oil leakage
  • Provide problem-free operation in food and beverage processing plants

These improvements to equipment reliability can help to reduce maintenance-related costs and also increase plant safety by reducing human-machine interaction (HMI).

To achieve these goals, it is important that corrugators use high performance lubricants, especially for bearings on heated rollers as the high temperatures can adversely affect the performance of oils and greases.

A typical corrugating machine offers a number of lubricant challenges including...


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