CPI Fluid Engineering Launches Icematic® Brand of Lubricant Solutions for Low GWP Refrigerants

CPI Fluid Engineering announces the official launch of the Icematic® brand aimed at providing compressor lubricant solutions for low GWP refrigerants.  Icematic will provide solutions for transitional refrigerants offering lower GWP impacts and long-term sustainable refrigerants that offer the lowest direct and indirect GWP impacts.

CPI officially unveiled their new Icematic® brand at China Refrigeration (CRH) held in Beijing, China April 9-11.

The Icematic® brand solidifies CPI's continued leadership as a lubricant solutions provider in the refrigeration industry.

For decades, the Emkarate RL brand has served as the lubricant of choice for HFC systems, offering superior performance and reliability.

The addition of the Icematic® brand strengthens CPI's portfolio as the refrigeration industry transitions towards a more sustainable future.

Two different product series will be available to serve the needs of the industry.

Icematic® NXG series is designed for use with today's transitional refrigerant gases to provide lower GWP impacts.

Lowering the environmental impact is an important step towards sustainability.

The Icematic® ECO series is designed for long-term sustainable low GWP refrigerant applications.

Icematic® ECO enables premier performance, reliability, and efficiency to achieve the lowest...

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