How corn farmer research could change the future of biopackaging

When grasping a plastic bottle, few people ever ponder the chemical ingredients or process used in making it. But a determined group of farmers and researchers at the Iowa Corn Promotion Board have done this very thing in their quest to make a greener bioplastic ingredient that will stimulate the future of the corn industry.

Using Iowa Corn Checkoff dollars to fund research into creating another demand for corn, ICPB holds U.S. patents on a proprietary production method using corn in the industrial manufacturing of a raw material, monoethylene glycol used to make bioplastic.

For this reason, ICPB’s patented and pioneering process won the first Consider Corn Challenge, a global competition initiated by the National Corn Growers Association to identify new and innovative uses for field corn as a renewable feedstock in the production of sustainable chemicals with significant market demand.

“As more manufacturers seek ways to produce their products from greener materials with greater efficiency while reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, ICPB’s corn-based MEG has the potential to meet a...

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