Israelis develop system for cleaning industrial pollution

Summary: Phased transaction extraction (PTE) uses a combination of methods to remove industrial pollution... | ------------

A new process under development in Israel could provide the economical, earth-friendly solution many industries seek for cleaning up soil, sludge and sediment polluted by their activities.

Phased transaction extraction (PTE) is meant as a new tool to help get rid of industrial pollution both for nonvolatile organic and metal pollutants, especially in wet conditions.

PTE uses a combination of methods to remove and concentrate the substances.

All components – both the pollutants and the materials that separate them – can be recycled. Prof. Amos Ullman devised the system with fellow Tel Aviv University Faculty of Engineering Prof. Naima Brauner and Prof. Zvi Lodmer of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University’s Rehovot campus, and a team of graduate students.

The two-step customizable process uses lightly heated solvents to extract organic compounds, while simultaneously removing heavy metals with one or more chelating agents — large molecules that bond to the toxic metals and separate them from the source medium.

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