Kärcher wins the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018

The overall winner – out of a total of 89 entries – of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2018 is: KIRA B50 from Kärcher. This first autonomous cleaning machines presents the whole package; a step forward in robotics technology for the cleaning industry and overcomes some of the obstacles of similar machines.

Size and design is what make this machine much more attractive to a wider range of applications.

So far, robotic scrubber dryers have been most suitable for extremely large areas, but the KIRA B50 is even suitable for areas under 1,000 square metres.

Also the fact that KIRA B50 can take itself to a docking station to charge the battery as well as fill and empty tanks, means that the level of human intervention is minimal – and that is what true autonomous cleaning is.

Michelle Marshall, chair of the Jury: “As with every Amsterdam Innovation Award the jury was tasked with evaluating a high number of entries – the real challenge was to compare the impact and originality...

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