Online Ag Retail Gaining Momentum For ’18

Online purchases of crop inputs have attracted renewed interest. Although many consumer segments have been disrupted by technology offerings in the past decad consultant Steve Watts points out the first wave of e-commerce for ag retail appeared 20 years ago, and it included

“ was funded by DuPont, CHS and Cargill,” says Watts of the Farrell Growth Group.

“Sufficient financial backing was never a problem at; getting traction was the problem”

“Technology, farm size, age demographics and the depressed farm economy are helping ensure e-commerce will gain a foothold in ag retail this time around,” Watts says.

“In the many examples of disrupted consumer segments, it may seem like brick and mortar have fallen prey overnight. But they’ve fallen prey to their own defensive thinking and a gradually eroding value proposition.”

In 2017, USDA found 23% of farmers bought any type of farm input (generally categorized) online, which is 4% higher than 2015. More...

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