Castrol: Peak for lubricant industry still 15 years away

A S Ramchander: "In the future, product, brand and industry lifecycles are going to get compressed. Therefore, the fastest and smartest way to do it is by collaborating."

The global lubricant brand doesn't see business getting affected by electric mobility anytime soon.

However, to carry forward its success story in the new disruptive business world, the nearly 120-year-old company gets ready to draft new strategies.

In his career of over 30 years so far, A S Ramchander, global lubricant company Castrol's chief marketing officer, has seen a lot of developments in the business world.

But none matches the kind of changes that are taking place now in the world, especially in the automotive sector.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime type of change. It is not normal disruption," Ramchander tells Autocar Professional.

That necessitates business strategies like never before, more so for large organisations like Castrol to realign themselves with the new environment and continue the success stories.

Castrol has a network of 2,000 distributors, 150,000 independent workshops and a team of 15,000 sales people around the world.

As the global business environment changes, there will also be a significant change in the way...

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