Sulapac and Fazer to develop biodegradable food packaging

Finnish firm Sulapac has partnered with Fazer to research, develop and test plastic-free, biodegradable packaging solutions for foods. The collaboration is in line with Fazer’s strategy to reduce the use of plastic with the help of new technologies.

Fazer is planning to unveil a confectionery gift box using a Sulapac solution for this year’s Christmas season.

The company has been involved in researching new packaging options and is working to reduce the amount of packaging materials used in its products.

Sulapac noted that plastic packaging is used to ensure product protection and safety. However, companies are increasingly focusing on ways to reduce the use of plastic in packaging.

Fazer Group corporate responsibility director Nina Elomaa said: “Fazer is actively involved in discussions on recycling and re-use of packaging waste, as well as the development of new kinds of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.”

Sulapac develops fully biodegradable packaging materials and solutions that do not contain microplastics.

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