34 Degrees Tries to Find Sweet Spot With Packaging Redesign

Our take: Cracker brand 34 Degrees is seeking to broaden its use occasions beyond cheese trays... | -----------

After more than a decade and a half in business, 34 degress is exploring changes to packaging and branding in order to position itself in the sweet center of the snacking movement.

During last week’s Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, 34 Degrees announced the launch of its Sweet Crisps line in resealable pouches to promote the product’s snackability.

The Sweet Crisps, which are sweet like a cookie but crisp like a cracker, launched a year and a half ago in the same tall, narrow boxes as its savory cracker line.

However, Craig Lieberman, the founder and president of 34 Degrees, told NOSH that the company felt that the cracker-cookie hybrid sometimes “got lost” on the shelf among the traditional savory SKUs it was surrounded by.

“I think the bag product is a great way to introduce this [Sweet Crisps] to a lot of consumers who either haven’t discovered the product or haven’t figured out quite what it is or how to use it,” Lieberman said.

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