Brand Insights: I Heart wine: the story behind a runaway success

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A group of wine producers and students gathered at the WSET’s London offices this month to learn from the team behind the successful I Heart brand.

The brand has enjoyed 42 percent off-trade sales growth to reach the £74.7 million mark this year (IRI, year to September 2018).

That makes it the 13th largest wine brand in the UK and it is now exported to 46 different countries too.

That has enabled parent company Copestick Murray to become one of the leading lights in the trade, but back in 2010 its situation was looking a lot less rosy.

“Good ideas are often formed when a business is in crisis,” said managing director Robin Copestick. The firm had enjoyed a strong five years, creating many brands for other people, but it had nothing to call its own and it was suddenly plunged into a perilous situation where the management feared for its future.

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