How Branding Is Personal and Meaningful

Our take: Glenn Johnson with Cannabis Law Report shares insights from Osiris Stephen and his wife Nina, who were forced to develop exceptional understanding of the cannabis industry because of their son's seizures... | --------------

As is so often the case in the Cannabis and Hemp industry, to succeed you do what you have to, when you have to, you learn you adapt and you overcome challenges in the market all in real time—which also sounds a lot like parenting in the 21st Century.

Osiris Stephen and his wife Nina certainly weren’t expecting to become immersed in Cannabis, Hemp and CBD to the degree where they were teaching their doctors about dosing, but it happened.

Osiris didn’t expect to one day start to teach his child sign language so they could communicate when the young boy was being bombarded by 100 seizures a day. But he did it.

They didn’t know they’d confront epilepsy head on, since none of their family before them had been exposed to it.

But they did after a particularly bad grand mal seizure that brought them to the emergency room.

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