FoodStory Brands fills gaps untapped by industry giants

Our take:  Company hangs its hat on QTM offerings and product niche trends that are popular among consumers... | -------------

When Walmart met with executives from FoodStory Brands​​​ in 2014, the Arkansas retailer was looking for help to revitalize its refrigerated salsa business.

After talking with officials from the world's largest retailer, FoodStory Brands' CEO quickly dispatched a team from its Arizona headquarters to create a whole new brand.

Within 45 days, the team developed Fresh Cravings Salsa, subjected it to a blind taste test, trademarked it and found a co-packer to produce it.

Pleased with the early results, Walmart rolled out Fresh Cravings Salsa to 900 stores as a test, before expanding sales to 1,500 locations within six months and more than 4,000 in a year.

Today, Fresh Cravings is the top refrigerated salsa at Walmart and the third best selling brand nationally in the category behind Garden Fresh and La Mexicana.

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