How Packaging Design Overhauls Have Impacted Brand Success

Our take: Companies always have room to grow, and it's natural to pair reformulations and expansions with brand overhauls... | --------------

It took three years for the cofounders of RXBAR — the trendy, egg white-fueled protein bar that's made its way into grocery stores, gyms, and airports — to realize they had an ugly baby.

"As the business started growing, they were able to take a step back say, holy cow," laughs Megan Marshall, RXBAR's Director of Communications.

The original packaging was created on PowerPoint and looked nothing like the bold, clean package you see all over Instagram today.

Instead of a dull tan and white wrapper, bars are now packaged in a colorful hue that matches the flavor inside: cobalt for Blueberry, sea foam green for Mint Chocolate, fuchsia for Mixed Berry.

"As prescribed by nature" was removed, as were the photos of food, to make room for the formula you see today.

During the revamp, RX did what practically every expert told them not to: put every core ingredient on the front of the package, instead of contained in a small box on the back.

In an even bolder leap of faith, they added "NO B.S." beneath. It paid off: A few months after RX’s redesign, the brand scored its first national distribution at Trader Joe’s....

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