Six global food trends to keep your eye on in 2019

Our take: Sustainable, plant-based alternatives, "brain" food, and greener packaging will make waves in 2019... | ------------------

SMCP gazed into the wellness crystal ball and found five global trends that will gain traction in 2019, having an impact on what we put on our plates, our mental health and our produce choices.

This year saw plenty of meat-free meats hit the market, including Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and Omnipork.

Naturally, the next big plant-based animal product has to be fish-free fish.

Sophie’s Kitchen in California, which makes “scallops” and “crab cakes” from pea and potato protein, says sales of its seafood-free eats has almost doubled in the last year.

Similarly, US-based Good Catch are dishing up fish-free “tuna”.

Aureal Cordero, who represents Good Catch, says the company’s “pioneering plant-based chefs and trendsetters in the sustainable food movement, Chad and Derek Sarno” created the fish-free tuna that is plant based.

It contains “14 grams of protein per serving made up of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava, and navy beans.

It is rich in omega-3 from algae oil, and all ingredients are GMO-free and gluten-free”. Good Catch’s values, says Cordero, “are anchored in being a solution to the complex, global issues of our oceans: 90 per cent of global fish stocks are...

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