SmartyPants Vitamins Never Tried to Be Cool—and That’s How It Found Success

Our take: Adweek covered co-CEO Courtney Nichols Gould 's Brandweek insights about how the company is consistently communicating its core message... | -----------------

Many new brands hitting the market these days make a splash with trendy ad campaigns and dreamy packaging and design. That may initially catch a consumer’s attention, but SmartyPants Vitamins co-founder and co-CEO Courtney Nichols Gould believes building a successful, growing business takes more than cool branding and a direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy to come out on top.

Nichols Gould spoke at Brandweek: Challenger Brands in New York’s Grand Hyatt last week, discussing how challenger brands can creatively stand out.

SmartyPants Vitamins launched eight years ago as a vitamin brand for kids.

To make sales early on, the brand had to win over a tough consumer: moms. Nichols Gould said winning moms over enabled the brand to more seamlessly expand into other categories.

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