& SMITH Re-defines Tea Category with New Brand Creation, OFFBLAK

Our take: Four featured categories reflect the tea range's emphasis on status, experience and benefits for targeted Gen Z and Millennial consumers... | -------------

& SMITH has designed the branding for new direct-to-consumer lifestyle tea brand 'OFFBLAK.' Looking to redefine the tea category, OFFBLAK targets Gen Z and Millennials that are driven by beauty, status, and experience with an identity that encourages the consumer to 'Drink tea like everybody's watching.'

OFFBLAK founder, Dmitry Klochkov aims to shake up the drinks industry and set an exciting new course for tea with a brand that appeals to a more health-conscious consumer unafraid to experiment with new brands and flavors.

To meet this brief, & SMITH created an identity for tea industry challenger OFFBLAK that brings a premium feel to a highly discerning Gen Z and Millennial market, which & SMITH has playfully named 'Generation T.'

Stepping away from existing category design codes, & SMITH introduced a fresh color palette and range architecture that clearly differentiates between the four core categories: Fully Charged, Chill Out, Glow and Caff Free.

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