Spicefire Creates Direct-to-consumer Brand Happy Go Healthy

Spicefire recently created branding, naming and packaging design for the new direct-to-consumer dog health supplement Happy Go Healthy.

The new supplement, produced by a team of animal nutrition veterans, was built around the purpose of helping your dog live life to its full potential.

Spicefire guided Happy Go Healthy to ensure that every aspect of the brand - from name through e-commerce platform to packaging imagery was coherent and appealing.

Spicefire came up with the name Happy Go Healthy, based on the idea that a healthy pet is a happy pet.

The brand was built around the purpose of helping your dog live life to its full potential - especially in its later years.

On the packaging, a dog leaps out of the 'o' in Go to reinforce the idea of an active lifestyle. Spicefire reinforced this elsewhere on the packaging with a list of phrases including eat well, play hard, go fetch, run, jump, to create an action-oriented look.

"When dogs feel good they have more energy for life. As dog-owners ourselves, we were happy to rely heavily on our gut instincts with this project," explained Beth Hoskins, Brand Director, Spicefire.

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