Why Brand Love Is Key To Cultivating Loyal Shoppers

Our take: Presentation compares brand loyalty to dating. What works early in the relationship isn't as effective if the same treatment happens 100 times in a row... | ---------------------

Shoppers might not equate their love for a family member, significant other or friend with their feelings for a brand, but retailers need to elicit such an emotional state from consumers if they want to cultivate brand loyalty.

It’s rarely love at first sight: “Consumers date your brand, until they decide they love your brand,” said Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast, during a Retail Innovation Conference keynote presentation.

The challenge for retailers is a bit of a paradox: they need to deliver both consistency and spontaneity to the shopper.

Fromm compared retailers’ task to taking someone out on a date to their favorite restaurant and bringing their favorite flowers and chocolates along.

“How many of you as retailers want to deliver the exact same guest experience 100 times in a row, and expect the same excitement?” Fromm said.

“There’s a law of diminishing marginal returns. Love is tricky and it’s hard, because consumers have so many direct and indirect alternatives.”

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