Concord Foods Invests In Updating Brand For Increased Merchandising Opportunities

Our take: Fresh foods convenience trend drives company's push to market products as the perfect choice for consumer's busy lifestyles... | -------------

Concord Foods has been committed to the advancement of the brand by elevating consumer and trade marketing efforts.

With exponential growth of the avocado and convenience industries, the company has focused on differentiating its easy-to-use produce companion packets as the premier choice for retailer avocado and holiday displays to drive increased sales this season.

Following its 50th anniversary this year, the company has not only updated branding and packaging, but recently launched a new website as part of its commitment to elevating the relevance of the Concord brand.

"€The popularity of avocados for all types of entertaining, in conjunction with consumer trends for convenience, positions our products as the ideal companion for Holiday and Superbowl displays in store,€ said Samantha McCaul, marketing manager at Concord Foods."

"According to the Haas Avocado Board, 65 million avocados are consumed during the Superbowl each year, which gives retailers the unique opportunity to increase sales with merchandising that encourages the purchase of our guacamole mixes as well."

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