Creating A Unique Customer Experience To Drive 2019 Success

Our take: In a hyper-competitive market space, and even with omnichannel efforts, success requires learning how to deliver experiences that more than satisfy customers... | ----------------

There’s no way to avoid it — retail in 2019 is all about the experience. And to create a stellar experience, retailers must view the customer holistically rather than as an online shopper vs. an in-store shopper.

For years, the retail buzzword was “omnichannel,” or how to seamlessly deliver what the customer wants. But a sole omnichannel focus will prohibit retailers from competing in the future.

Instead, the industry should set its sights on creating the “complete customer experience,” which is richer, more memorable and personalized. And this process begins long before the customer steps into a store or shops online.

For retailers, this begins with satisfying basic customer needs.

Surveys show that bad customer experiences cause companies to lose an estimated $41 billion a year in the U.S.

Shoppers crave options, such as buying online and picking up in the store, efficient checkouts, and learning more about a product from an in-store salesperson than they can research at home.

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