Why cannabis will be major food trend in 2018

For the first time since legalization sprouted in Colorado in 2014, cannabis is seducing the specialty food makers and marketers serving high-end retailers and well-heeled bellies across the Internet and America.

In November, the Fancy Food Show’s parent, the Specialty Food Association (SPA), ranked cannabis number eight of the top-10 food trends to watch in 2018.

“As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the varieties of pot-enhanced food and beverage will increase,” the SPA’s Trendspotter Panel wrote last November. “Look out for continued interest and acceptance in a host of snacks, treats and beverages with a little something extra.”

Shortly after, another pillar of America’s mainstream commercial food industry, Nation’s Restaurant News, predicted this will be the year restaurants in cannabis-legal states embrace cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the plant’s second most common active ingredient. It does not cause a lift in mood (euphoria) but can treat pain, anxiety and inflammation.

“We’re continuing to see the surge,” said Kara Nielsen, the Bay Area food-trends... More...

thumbnail courtesy of greenstate.com

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