ProLabel, Inc. offers a consultative approach to help keep things simple for our customers. Part of our commitment to quality in completing your project is ensuring the consistency of the art file(s) we receive from you. While there are detailed guidelines that apply, we've listed a few of the most important reminders here:


Adobe Illustrator (.ai) is our preferred file format. If you use other software for your art files, please contact customer service or your sales rep so we can discuss compatibilty options.

When using alternate vector-based software, you must export a .pdf file that is CMYK-print quality. Make sure the following PDF’s file settings are selected:

  • embed thumbnail
  • retain file colors & editability
  • no compression
  • downsample to 300 DPI
  • no color conversion
  • no passwords


RGB flat files cannot be used -- please design label artwork in the CMYK colorspace. If the sent artwork is in RGB, we must convert it to CMYK, then have the changes approved by you before sending it in for printing -- which delays your order fulfillment time.

  • JPG files must be in CMYK format with a minimum 300 dpi with no text
  • With the use of postcript fonts, include both printer and screen fonts.
  • We recommend sanserif font for small type (from 4.5pt to 7pt).
  • Send linked files with your label file
  • Type Specs: 4.5pt positive minimum
  • 6pt bold for reversed text
  • Please avoid fine reverse type, process builds on type less than 12pts.
  • Please convert ALL text to outlines/curves, OR include the font files from your computer.

Thank you in advance for trusting ProLabel, Inc. We look forward to working with you!


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