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  • Brands That Tell A Sustainability Story

    Our take: Brands are showing increasing openness to responsibility, from packaging materials to ingredients --- and ethics... | ------------------ Dr. Hauschka products are natural, cruelty-free, and don’t contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives. Pure plant extracts are hand-harvested and processed with care for the greatest potency. The brand says, “We…

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  • The 2019 brand value list – movers and shakers

    Our take: Brand Finance reveals its Cosmetics top companies, with digital he key driver r growth expectations... | -------------------- It’s that time of year again when Brand Finance releases its Cosmetics 50, and we, of course, have it covered. First up, let’s look at the top five. And, despite it’s…

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  • Ten tasting trends: See what’s ahead for snacks and sweets

    Our take: Packaging Digest outlines the shift toward healthful snacking and and ecommerce options... | -------------- Financially, the candy and snack industry is a healthy business. Increasingly, that term is becoming more literal as well. For example, according to the National Confectioners Association, by 2022 manufacturers pledge at least half…

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  • Consumer and Retailer Marketing Opinions Towards One Another Don’t Add Up

    Our take: Retailers know they must engage customers by personalizing offers based on shopping history and preferences, but many are struggling to create personalized experiences that shoppers engage with... | -------------- There’s pressure for brands to compete on customer experience (CX) in nearly every industry. Retail marketers, in particular, are…

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  • How to Avoid Branding Sacrifices with Your Packaging

    Our take: Few companies are delivering consistent marketing messages that maximize impact. Multichannel Merchant shows how aligning digital marketing and physical branding is key... ---------------- The modern marketplace is changing fast. Global ecommerce has grown by double digits every year since 2012. While retailers have rushed to have the technology…

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ProLabel, Inc. is committed to providing innovative labeling and packaging solutions. COO Sean Carty discusses the collaboration
with UPM Raflatac that led to a breakthrough in UV inkjet printing.



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