For 30 years, ProLabel, Inc. has been fortunate to work within a wide range of industries. We provide consumer goods label and packaging solutions which help our clients reach and retain customers. Below are a few of the market segments in which we work and strive to improve:

Food & Beverage

Clients in the food and beverage industry require both variable and distinct decorative features.
We provide technical and production services for manufacturers of baked goods, candies, and other processed foods; we also serve the wine, dairy, bottled water, deli, and fresh produce industries.

Skin Care & Beauty

Durability is crucial in designing prime packaging for the skin care, hair care, and beauty industries. These products not only have to display elegance, but also withstand the factory filling process and repeated use. Foil stamping and embossing emphasize product quality to consumers.

Household Goods

Product labels drive initial engagement with customers. We understand how to enhance brand effectiveness by balancing design elements and printing features. Premium color capabilities, variable data printing, and unique screen-print quality technologies are where we shine.


The best automotive labels require durability to withstand the product's life cycle, the color technologies neeeded to enhance your brand, and the print clarity to communicate detailed information to consumers. From OEM parts to retail items, we’ve created labels for recognizable brands.

Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical market and nutraceutical products such as supplements, natural remedies, and vitamins are an established spend for a significant segment of the population. Engaging branding that clearly communicates product efficacy, safety, and quality are key presentation considerations.
With our distinct shrink packaging and labeling options, we help you reach
and retain health-conscious consumers.

Cannabis & Cannabinoid

The expanding needs of cannabis and cannabinoid companies include packaging designed to engage customers and meet extensive regulatory guidelines -- including aspects of pharmaceutical/nutraceutical packaging and food packaging. ProLabel, Inc. has the expertise and technologies to help you present an engaging brand for consumers as well as keep you compliant with the fluctuating requirements of the cannabis industry.